Sai Dharam Tej Inttelligent Telugu Movie Teaser

Sai Dharam Tej Inttelligent Telugu Movie Teaser -

This Sai Dharam Tej Inttelligent is new movie after average movie Jawaan, This is directed by V V Vinayak who is back with mega star chiranjeevi as Khadhi 150 and created non bahubali record in telugu with 100 crores share.

Inttelligent is completed shooting in very less span of few months, Which is produced by Khaleja and Jai simha producer C kalyan. Lavanya tripati is female lead.

Movie is set to release on 9th February, This is movie on guy who fights against anti social activities like v v vinayak movie nayak and story is given by same writter, Akula siva.

Today at 3 o clock they launched teaser by balakrishna as c kalyan just made hit with jai simha.



[caption id="attachment_975" align="alignnone" width="960"]inntelligent-sai dharam tej inntelligent-sai dharam tej[/caption]