Raviteja Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Trailer | Posters

Raviteja Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Trailer | Posters -

Ravi teja after longtime hit back with hit movie raja the great after playing blind role who saves a girl from rowdies. Now he is back with touch chesi chudu from debut director vikram sirikonda, Who worked for few ravitaja movies.

Movie is set to release on Feb 2nd and movie unit released posters, trailer for republic day and raviteja birthday.

Lakshmi and racegurram producer nalamalapu bujji and adhurs producer vamsi is producing this movie combinely.

Rashi kanna is female lead and chota k naidu is photographer.

[caption id="attachment_962" align="alignnone" width="1200"]touchchesichudu-1 touchchesichudu-1[/caption]

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