Qualcomm Tests And Announced Its 1st 5G X50 Modem Chip

Qualcomm Tests And Announced Its 1st 5G X50 Modem Chip -

Qualcomm is leading chip manufacturing company in world, Who is leading in producing quality, power efficient, effective and fastest performance chip set for mobile smartphones.

Most of all leading top mobile smartphones are made up of qualcomm snapdragon chipset except from apple and few model's from samsung. Where apple produce A series chipsets like A10, A11 and samsung produce few mobiles with exyno's chipset's which are also effective equally with snapdragon.

On 16th october, President of Qualcomm technologies announced that they successfully tests and demonstrated 1st 5G modem X50 which produced greater than 1GB/sec speed on multiple 5G carriers.

Also they successfully tests and demonstrated 28GHz mmwave antenna module.

5G is upcoming telecommunication technology after 4G and 4.5G, Where 2G gave us speeds of 200Kbps, 3G gave us speeds of 10mbps and now 4G is giving speeds upto 40Mbps. 5G is revolutionary in technology which will help us to connect all devices in world from mobile to AC, fridge, car, light, fan etc by giving speeds up to more than 1GHz.

Qualcomm 5G X50 modem Mobile

[caption id="attachment_925" align="alignnone" width="264"]Qualcomm 5G X50 modem Mobile Qualcomm 5G X50 modem Mobile[/caption]

According to Quacomm, 1st mobile smartphone may launch in 2019 and officially all countries will start launch 5G in 2019-2020.