Check Why Mahesh Movie Named As Spyder

Check Why Mahesh Movie Named As Spyder -

Teaser has to release on mahesh's father krishna's birthday on 31st but due to director dasari narayan rao's death, It is postponed to 1st.

Finally teaser was released and now everyone got, Why Mahesh Movie Named As Spyder. This cannot be a science fiction movie completely but due to leaked sources one can expect that mahesh can work as intelligence officer and he may take help of this robo spyder to catch the anti social activists.

Teaser opens with spyder robo comes from box and it will crawl from mahesh babu's leg to shoulder and then mahesh will tell spyder shhhh. Surely movie may become science thriller to audience. Murgadoss directed the movie which is set to release for dussera 2017 in september.

Murgadoss is great top director of India who gave all films as blockbusters in tamil and telugu as thupakki, ghazini, kathi etc.

[caption id="attachment_829" align="alignnone" width="716"]spyder Spyder[/caption]