Nikhil's Keshava Telugu Movie Review

Nikhil's Keshava Movie Review -

Movie got released today worldwide, This is directed by sudheer varma who directed swamy ra ra with nikhil and dochey with naga chaitanya. He got good name as stylish director with swamy ra ra. Dochey is also not a bad movie but it is flop at box office.

Now he came with keshava again with nikhil who is in great form with different subjects like Swamy ra ra, Karthikeya, Surya vs surya and Ekkadiki pothav chinavada. These all are not only different films and thrillers but also super hits at box office collections.

Story - This is story of person who have heart beat problem, who should do anything with at most care and calm. There will be serial killings happen and those are done by hero nikhil who studies in college with ritu varma, vennela kishore and priyadarshi. he will make leave for college and kill police officers at different places in Andhra. Why he kill those police officers and what is the reason behind is remaining story.

Analysis - Sudheer varma 's 1st movie was swamy ra ra who got good name for his different stylish slow motion taking and screen play. This is not different at subject but he treated movie in different way. People who went with that expectation will disappoint for some extent but as a common audience movie is one time watch for its good camera, editing, songs and background score. Subject is routine story but how he treated with screen play that will be some what engaging in 1st half. 2nd half is all predictable and at last he tried to make up audience mind with some small twist. All actors did fantastic job in terms of acting.

Positives - Diwakar mani Camera, Nikhil, Editing, Songs, Prashant pillai Background music, Screenplay, 1st half.

Negatives - Story,  Less comedy, Dragging 2nd half.

Verdict - Movie is one time watch for its stylish making and little comedy. If you have nothing to do you can give it a try.

Rating - 3/5

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