Cyber Attack Hits 150 Countries | 200000 Computers | Tips | Tricks

Cyber Attack Hits 150 Countries, 200000 Computers Hacked

  1. On friday world was got hit by cyber attack with ransomeware which blocked many computers and websites.

  2. Many big companies like National hospital services (NHS) in UK, Renault in India, Police and few governement services from Andhra, Telangana got effected by this type of virus called ransomeware.

  3. This ransomeware named 'wannacry'will enter to your computer and websites using loopwholes and ask for money like bitcoins, Now they are asking 1000's of dollars to many companies in world.

  4. Many cyber security experts are warning not to pay money which are asked by hackers as it is not confirm that particular malware or ransomeware will be removed in cyber attack

  5. This virus can enter easily to years old software and OS like windows XP.

  6. After this windows was again sending previous updates to latest OS computers and applications.

  7. Many experts warned that one should be careful on monday as many cyber attack cases and ways may come out regarding attack as it is next working day.

Tips and Tricks To Avoid -

  1. Use advanced and latest OS like Windows 10.

  2. Update and install latest software's by directly downloading from their own professional company website.

  3. Dont install 3rd party mobile apps and windows applications from 3rd party sites, Install from google play store or apple store even you are getting free.

  4. It is better not use or download 3rd party pirated content from torrentz or torrent sites.

  5. Always use https ssl certificate for website or website link for payments or while entering your personal data at any website.

  6. It is must for every computer to use antivirus or even better go for total security, Now a days we are getting antivirus at 200 - 300 rupees for 1 year.

  7. Best and top antivirus in world now are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Norton, Avast, If you are not affordable better use free software like avast where you will get some important features.

  8. Never give your personal bank card number and card back 3 digit number to any one, Even one can tell that they are calling from bank.

  9. If you are on windows xp, It is must upgrade to windows 7, 8 or 10 now.

[caption id="attachment_670" align="alignnone" width="610"]cyber attack by wannacry ransomeware Cyber attack by wannacry ransomeware - Image - rodin[/caption]