China Is Boosting Environment With Vertical Forests

  1. China Is Boosting Environment Ecosystem With Vertical Forests.

  2. We know that world is growing and china is world top country in business and in population.

  3. While cities and population is growing, Know one is concentrating on trees and oxygen which in turn balance pollution and environment.

  4. Few days back even it is late, Bengaluru government took steps to save environment with growing vertical garden to over bridge pillars, Even it takes few years to grow it completely.

  5. Now china already started growing vertical forest in nanjing with help of Italian architect stefano boeri who built milan's Bosco Vertical.

  6. This china vertical forest project consists of 2 residential high rises at 110 and 76 meters with over 20000 trees, plants and shrubs.

  7. This project is set to complete by 2018, Which consists of offices, shops, restaurants, hotels etc.

  8. According to architect, This will produce 60Kgs of oxygen every day and observe 20 tons of Co2 every year.

  9. Currently worlds 54% of population are living in urban areas and it is estimated that more than 66% will live in urban areas by 2050.

  10. So it is must for all cities to concentrate on vertical forests for all houses  and buildings to create environment balance and live healthy, According to world economic forum.

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