Babu Baga Busy Telugu Movie Complete Review

Hyderabad - Babu Baga Busy Review

  1. This is avsarala srinivas movie Babu Baga Busy who directed usulu gusagusalade and jho achutananda movies and acted in many films like ashta chamma as hero.

  2. This movie babu baga busy is adult comedy genre which is remake of hindi movie hunterr.

  3. Tejeswini madiwada, misti got acted as female lead.

Story - It is that srinivas is play boy from his childhood who watch adult movies and try to flirt girls. After that he used to enjoy with girls and ladies carelessly for years, Mean while he wants to marry misti but she will be in confusion to marry srinivas or other name chax. Finally whom srinivas marry or he will be as same playboy type time pass guy is remaining story. 


Analysis - Movie is adult comedy genre, direction, story and screenplay are direction less, What movie finally teaches common Audience is question mark. In many adult movies even there is high adult content (A certificate) finally they will conclude with good thing that it is bad. But in this director just ended up showing honesty between hero and heroin is verdict and that too in very worst way. Avsarala srinivas should not do this type of movies and after watching his interviews one can understand that he is in mental depression while agreeing this film 


Positives - Few comedy scenes, Camera.

Negatives - Music, Story, Screenplay, Editing.


Verdict - Babu Baga Busy Review - This can be said as worst movie till now of 2017. If you want to try for time pass and who like adult comedy can try once. 


Rating - 2/5


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