Manoj's Gunturodu Telugu Movie Review.

Hyderabad - 
  1. Gunturodu movie got average response from audience from worldwide.
  2. 2nd half mass audience action scenes between hero and villian can be highlight.
  3. As it is not well hyped and average mass attractive trailer can be difficult to attract audience with this poor reviews. 
  4. Movie unit cleverly used chiranjeevi's popularity with adding voice over to film but it is very difficult to bring collections due to its poor content. 
Story - Hero lives with father where mother dies after giving birth and he loves girl that is heroin. After he fights with villian due to one issue,  After how he saves love and father is remaining story.

Positives - 2nd half, Heroin, Kota, Sampath, Action scenes, Camera.

Negatives - Songs, Poor comedy, Routine story, Screenplay.

Verdict - Its a average film for mass audience. Its a time pass film. 

Rating - 2.75/5.