Kittu Unnadu Jagratha Telugu Movie Review.

Hyderabad - 
  1. This movie released today and receiving positive response all over.
  2. Raj tarun and anu immanual are natural actors who got hits like cinema chupistha mava and majnu for immanual.
  3. This is movie is basing kidnapping of dogs and humor around it.
  4. This can be another watchable and above average film for raj tarun who got decent hits as new comer.
Story - It is about hero who got mechanical back ground and due to heroin he will kidnap dogs. After that due to heroin kidnap he will face few problems. Later how he get away from these problems is remaining story. 

Positives - 2nd Half, Pruthvi, Comedy, Few songs.

Negatives - 1st Half, Love scenes, Story. 

Verdict - It is a watchable movie for its entertainment in 2nd half. Would have took care in 1st half story and screenplay, to be in another level. 

Rating - 3/5.