Airtel, Vodafone Counters Jio With Unlimited Plans Of Calls And Data.

Hyderabad - 
  1. We know that Jio invested more than 1 Lakh crores in 4G network and launched free services in september 2016.
  2. They have to get 100 million customers to get there investment in 4-5 years. 
  3. Last month they got reached the high range of customers with more than 10 crores in India.
  4. Now after march they are ending free services and launched 1 year premium membership.
  5. By march 31st, users have to subscribe with 100 rupees each and have to pay different tarrifs.
  6. For unlimited calls and data of 1GB/day, They have to opt for 303 rupees monthly plan.
  7. After that immediately, Airtel and vodafone launched new plans where users have to play slightly more that is 340-348 rupees to get unlimited calls and 1GB/day 4G data. 
  8. This price varies on state from 340-348/ month, Users should visit nearby store for exact price and subscription. 
  9. Users should beware that one should subscribe this before march end.