Reliance Jio Free Calls And Data To End By March 2017, Just Pay 300 For Free.

Mumbai - 
  1. We all know that mukesh ambani's Jio invested 1 lakh crores in its 4G network which launched on September 2016.
  2. After that ambani gave free services till December 31st and then extended to march 2017 to get more customers and it fetched him more than 100 million customers.
  3. Now he is planning to end free services and he announced yesterday that every user on network should pay yearly premium charge of 100 and monthly fee of 300 for free unlimited calls and data. 
  4. According to few sources, This will get Jio more than 20,000 crores per year. 
  5. After getting this news yesterday, Today reliance stock price went nearly 10% up. 
  6. Now all other telecos are under pressure and already lost most part of market.