Nani Nenu Local Telugu Movie 6 Days Collections Worldwide, Already A Hit.

Hyderabad - 
  1. Nani is natural star of telugu tollywood and big fan of venkatesh.
  2. He is continuing his legacy of hits as venkatesh is only hero having highest success rate in tollywood.
  3. Now nani is giving back to back hits in tollywood.
  4. His last films 4 are super hits at box office by collecting above 20 crores share.
  5. Now even with average story and screen  play but  with good entertainment in 2nd half makes movie a watchable film this week.
  6. It broke all record collections of new coming hero's and also nani's by collecting over 20+ crores share in just 6 days.
  7. It was sold for around 22 crores and it recovered that amount in just 6 days.
  8. Movie got collected around 750K$ in USA in just 3 days and will reach 1M$ soon.
Prediction - It may collect around 30 crores share in long run and may become biggest hit of nani and new coming hero's of this generation.