Mumbai Sivaji Statue In Sea Worth 3500 Crores, Check How People Are Responding In Social Media.

Mumbai - Government is planning to construct sivaji statue with 3500 crores near mumbai sea. Modi will lay foundation stone at mumbai. Here are the tweets which people are responding about the statue. 
  1. Adv veena nair - Modiji only care for votes and not for the poor. Shivaji statue allocated 3600 crs whereas the education budget per year less than 3500 crs
  2. Medatithi - Mars Mission:Why not spend on poor? Shivaji statue:Why not spend on poor?
    Anything that will give some pride to Hindus will be opposed.
  3. Sailorman - Very sad that in maharastra,farmers dying of hunger and govt spending Rs 3600 crore on shivaji statue.
  4. Derausdrucker - what pride will you have in building 3000 cr shivaji statue? Restore his forts instead and earn 3000 crores
  5. Prabhavati putra vasmi - It should be like this 3600 Cr for Shivaji Statue, 2000 Cr for Sardar Statue, 2500 Cr for AP Capital