Gowthami Putra Satkarni Balakrishna Movie Theatrical Trailer Released, Review, Historically Powerful.

Hyderabad - 
  1. This is movie basing on real story of satkarni who fought for India. This is historical drama.
  2. Bala krishna and sriya are seen in male and female lead roles.
  3. This is directed by krish jagarlamudi, Who directed hit movies like gamyam, Vedam, Krishnam vande jagatgurum and kanche.
  4. Kanche is also periodic drama basing on 1st world war.
  5. Bala krishna is seen in powerful king role which is very apt and tailor made role for balayya babu. 
  6. Movie trailer launched today in around 100 theaters in Andhra and Telangana. 
  7. Movie completed shooting and planning to release for sankranthi, January 12th or 13th 2017.