Befikre Hindi Movie Review, Audience Live Response, Theaters, Budget.

Mumbai -  
  1. Movie released today and getting mixed reviews all over.
  2. Ranveer singh and vaani kapoor acted in lead roles in this movie.
  3. Movie is releasing with total budget of 70 crores.
  4. In India it is releasing in 2100 theaters and 800 worldwide with total of 2900 theaters. 

Audience and other channel reviews - 
  1. Rediff - It is joyful and make you smile. Rating - 3.5/5.
  2. Raghavjaitly - Friendship, love, heart break, proposal at same time, Befikre. 
  3. Bobbytalkcinema - More absurdity comes in post interval, Didn't expect film to be so sad.
  4. Darpan yadav - its worst than barbardheko, Save time and money.
  5. Bharti pradan - Bored so far, Hope post interval picks.
  6. Rahul deo bhardwaj - opens with predictable plot, very refreshing treatment. 
  7. Rohitkalnani - I will ask chopra to give back my money, befikre.
  8. Shreya shah - In love with dharam and vishal sekhar music, Guys go and watch it.
  9. Priya adivarekar - Joy ride so far, Lights up screen with infectious energy.
  10. Vipin pandey - Typical Bollywood lover story, Less drama, comic punches, more and more exotic. 
Verdict - Movie is said to be routine drama with few fun and laugh, More over makers should think what they are giving back for society with so many of kisses and exotic bold scenes. It is watchable fare if you have nothing to do. 

Rating - 2.75/5.