Modi PM Banned 500 And 1000 Notes, New Notes Will Be Available From 10th November.

New Delhi - 
  1. PM Modi announced yesterday night that from 8th midnight after 12AM all 500 and 1000 notes are banned to eradicate black money and its circulation.
  2. He gave 50 days till December 30 to bring back the old notes and instead banks or post office will give new notes or can deposit in your accounts.
  3. To avoid black money and fake currency, RBI introduced new notes of 500 and 2000 which are made with nano technology which cannot be faked.
  4. These new notes are available from 10th November in all banks and post offices.
  5. Initially from 10th 2000 can be drawn from ATM's and later it will be raised to 4000.
  6. According to officials, There will be 6.7 billion pieces of 2000 and 16.5 billion of 500 notes circulation from 10th November.
  7. Banks are also working on 11th and 12th for circulation and exchange of old notes.