Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada Telugu Movie Review, Audience Live Response.

Hyderabad -
  1. Movie got released today worldwide and got positive reviews from audience and media.
  2. Nikhil, Happy days fame acted as male lead in this movie.
  3. Movie is coming as suspense comedy thriller and got good reviews all over.
  4. From few years nikhil is making different films after few failures after happy days, which is his first movie.
  5. After happy days he got hits like yuvatha, karthikeya, surya vs surya etc.
Positives - 
  1. Comedy
  2. Thrilling elements
  3. Back ground music
Negatives -
  1. Little drag
  2. songs
Audience and other channel reviews - 
  1. Chandrakanth - Superb fun ride, Class making style.
  2. Dev ganesh - vennela kishore superb, Hilarious comedy.
  3. Siva - done with first half, super super, performance.
  4. G sriniwas - 2nd half hilarious mode, chills, thrills and laughs.
  5. Puvvala virat - Different movie, Easily passable entertainer.
News009 - Verdict - Movie is very different, Which is having all thrills and laughs, Watchable once for different concept and fun.

Rating - 3.25/5.