Kalyan Ram, ISM Telugu Movie Full Review, Audience Live Response.

Hyderabad - Kalyan Ram, ISM Telugu Movie Review, Audience Live Response. 
  1. Movie ISM released today and getting positive reviews all over.
  2. This is directed by puri jaganath who gave hits like Idiot, Amma nanna o tamil ammayi, Pokiri, Businessman, Temper, Etc.
  3. Music is composed by manam and gopala gopala fame anup rubens.
  4. Kalyan ram, Aditi arya are seen in lead roles.
Story - 

  1. Story is about a journalist son who's father is also journalist. Due to some incidents to his father, He will also become journalist. 
  2. Next he want to take journalism to extreme levels by keeping website called grand leakage, (Which is inspired from world mega leakage company and website Wikileaks.) Next how he did it and what he leaked should be seen in big screen. 
Analysis - 
  1. Director puri jaganath as usual as his previous films made first half with little entertainment and fights. Later second half he revealed the story of how he did it the leakage and what is the solution for lakhs of crores of corruption amount which are sent to foreign banks.
  2. But solution he provided to bring lakhs of crores from foreign banks will be possible is the question. 
Positives - 
  1. Story
  2. 2 Songs
  3. Interval bang with twist
  4. Climax court scene (Will get goose bumps for puri climax song)
  5. Cinematography
Negatives - 
  1. Songs
  2. First half screenplay
  3. Little drag in first half.
Verdict - Can be watchable movie with good message to bring back corruption amount in foreign banks. Little drag in first half can be avoidable. It is a one time watch for story. 

Rating - 3.25/5. 

Other channel reviews - 
  1. 123telugu - Message through technology - Rating - 3.25/5. On the whole, ISM is a very honest attempt from Kalyan Ram and Puri. The Nandamuri hero’s stunning performance, first half, and a gripping pre-climax are major assets. If you ignore the lackluster climax and some hurried up scenes here and there, ISM will surely impress those who love hardcore commercial entertainers with a good message.
  2. Telugu360 - Too many leaks - Rating - 2.5/5.
  3. Deccanreport - Ism has an inspiring plotline narrated through an engaging screenplay. Kalyan Ram has done an excellent job and plays the crowd puller for Ism. Puri has shown his mark once again with his own style of dialogues. If few scenes (that interrupt the screenplay) are ignored Ism entertains as well as inspires you! Rating - 3.25/5.
  4. pressks - Kalyan Ram ISM Movie Verdict : Much Required Hit For both the actor and director. Entertaining Film With A Good Message,the film Ism perfectly fits the bill and offers some good stuff. ISM will surely impress those who love hardcore commercial entertainers with a good message. Though the film has some old routine formulaic melodrama, it entertains. Kalyan Ram gets back to the routine films track which is again a treat for his fans.Rating - 3.75/5.