Vikram, Nayantara, Inkokkadu, Irumugan Telugu, Tamil Movie Review, Audience Live Reviews.

Hyderabad - Vikram, Nayantara, Inkokkadu, Irumugan Telugu, Tamil Movie Review, Audience Live Reviews. Vikram is popular super star in India. In tamil he is known as next kamal hasan due to his roles in movies with different make ups and makeovers. He is one of the superstar in tamil along with Vijay, Surya and Ajith. His movie Irumugan and Inkokkadu in telugu are completed censor and received UA certificate. 
                     Nayantara is looking very glamorous in the movie and its long time that we seen nayan in skirts and short dresses. Nitya menon is also playing important role in the movie. In the trailer vikram is seen in different getup's which increased the hype in audience. Movie released today and got mixed and average responce from the audience. 

123Telugu - Only for vikram - Rating - 2.75/5. 

On the whole, Inkokkadu is a unique action entertainer which has its moments. Engaging first half and Vikram’s performances are a huge plus. This is a kind of film which will be liked only by action film lovers and general audience who love popcorn entertainers, might get disappointed. Finally, if you manage to ignore the lacklustre second half and predicatble storyline, you can give this film a shot for Vikram who is awesome as LOVE.
Indianexpress - Movie is not onam gift which we are hoping for. Rating - 1.5/5.
After his hits Anniyan and I, Vikram has made it clear that it is just Shankar S, and not the other Shankar, who can bring out his acting prowess.
Telugu360 - Fail to impress - Rating - 2.25/5.
First half of Inkokkadu/Iru Mugan is OK with decent story establishment and action episodes. It is the second half that totally spoils the show. Overall, Inkokkadu is yet another disappointing fare from talented actor Vikram. One can wait for DVD. The box office prospects look very bleak.
The hindu - Beyond the sheen. Rating - 2.5/5.
Idreampost - Rating - 2.75/5.
Guntur boxoffice - Just think twice before spreading negative talks, yesterday One, Now Inkokkadu.
Sangeetha devi - Racy entertainer, Vikram steals the show but latter half is let down.
News009 - Movie got average responce at box office due to its good first and poor second half. Movie got thumbsup for Back ground music and music from haris jayraj, pre interval and vikram's show. You can watch if you are free this weekend but remember it not for you who is going for great mass masala comedy entertainer. 
Rating - 3/5.