There Is Loss Up To 22,000 - 25000 Crores At Bangalore City, Due to Cauvery Issue - Assocham.

Bangalore - There Is Loss Up To 22,000 - 25000 Crores At Bangalore City, Due to Cauvery Issue - Assocham. There is cauvery issue going on at Karnataka and Tamilnadu from last two weeks. There are bandh's happening from last two weeks at various places of Karnataka and Tamil, Especially in Bangalore and Chennai. On 12th there is huge loss of property and business at Bangalore and Chennai due to protests and violence on Karnataka people and Tamil people. Assocham, Association of Trade and Commerce got revealed shocking facts about loss incurred due tot his issue. 

  1. With damage to urban infrastructure, Interruption to public and private transport, Inability of workers of both private and public, Got incurred a loss between 22000 - 25000 crores.
  2. “Violence in the state capital and other parts of Karnataka has severely dented the image of Bengaluru as Silicon Valley of India, home to almost all the Fortune 500 companies,” said ASSOCHAM while making a fervent appeal for peace in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  3. “The way the violent incidents had spread is demoralizing the business and industrial community, particularly in the capital city of Karnataka. The image that India built around Bengaluru as its ‘Silicon Valley’ is being sullied,” said ASSOCHAM secretary general, Mr D S Rawat.
  4. “The authorities in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu should not allow under any circumstances the law and order to be compromised. While the water is a basic requirement and an emotional issue, the situation is being exploited by miscreants, scaring away the peace loving workforce which has settled in both Bengaluru and Chennai from all over the country and even abroad,” said Mr Rawat. 
  5. According to Assocham, There is loss occurred due to IT and ITES facilities poor attendance. Tourism got affected due to protests. Cancellation of all travel and hotels tickets got effected the business.