Ram's Hyper Telugu Movie Review, Audience Live Updates, Got Good Positive Reviews.

Hyderabad - Ram's Hyper Telugu Movie Review, Audience Live Updates. 

  1. Hyper is telugu movie which released today.
  2. Santosh srinivas is the director and mahesh dookudu fame producer's 14 reels is making this movie.
  3. Ram and raasi khanna are playing lead roles in this movie.
  4. Ghibran and sameer reddy have worked for music and photography where melody brahma mani sharma is given back ground music for the movie.
  5. Movie released worldwide today, Check below reviews from audience and other media channels.
  6. Movie got good reviews all over, Commercial entertainer with good old story, News009 Rating - 3.25/5.
  7. Telugu360 - Movie is mass masala entertainer, only for B and C centres. Rating  - 2.5/5.
  8. Telugu reporter - 'Hyper' is a complete entertainer with all the emotions in right proportions. Ram does a great job and with superb performances, good comedy, action and sentiment, this film will be a treat for audiences. This movie will be one more super hit in the career of Ram and for 14 Reels Entertainment banner. After 'Kandireega', Santosh Srinivas and Ram are back with one more blockbuster. Rating - 3.5/5.
  9. Energetic7 - 3/5 A Mass Entertainer.....#Kandireega History repeats.
  10. Entertainment news - interesting twists,comedy,Dance, Emotional scenes,2songs baby doll and come back. Only -ve is Routine stuff. 3.25/5 (Hit)
  11. Mytollywoodmovies - Movie started of with a very loud father son relationship Movie moving with racy screenplay and funny scenes with hyper father love. First half review. Masala treatment with predictable screenplay. Emotional scenes rolling. Hero villain clash scenes reminds of every other Telugu mass masala movie ever made. Time for final act.over all the movie is old meals pckd fresh. Below average.
  12. Venkat - Hyper is for Pakka Entertainer Combo of this week. Rating: 3/5.
  13. 123telugu - Commercial and Message film, Rating - 3.25/5.
  14. Chitramala - Ram's film for masses, Rating - 2.5/5.