Raaj Reboot Hindi Movie Review, Check Audience Responce, Review.

Hyderabad - Raaj Reboot Hindi Movie Review, Check Audience Responce, Review. This is horror romantic movie which released today worldwide. Vikram Bhatt directed the movie and Emran hashmi and kritikarbandha south indian beauty is acting in this movie. Movie got very bad reviews world wide. 

Review - Nothing new, Wait for TV Premier. 

Rating - 1.5/5.

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  1. Koimoi - Raaz Reboot is a classic fail at coming even little close to scaring you. I need to reboot my memory to have watched this! A 1.5/5 for this one!
  2. Indiatoday - Raaz Reboot might still go on to make money, like its predecessors in the franchise. But do we as the Indian audience need to assaulted with such banal, comical horror every single time the Bhatts have some money to make a film? Nope. So if you still go ahead and spend money on a movie like this, you DESERVE more movies like these. And thou shalt not complain about the poor state of horror movies in India. Thou absolutely shalt not. Rating - 0.5/5.
  3. Indianexpress - The horror film will shake you with laughter. Rating - 1.5/5.