MS Dhoni, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Movie Review, Live Audience Updates.

Hyderabad - MS Dhoni, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Movie Review, Live Audience Updates. 
  1. This is Indian Hindi movie which is dubbed into Tamil and Telugu languages and released today.
  2. Susanth singh played as a lead role as MS Dhoni where story is purely taken from MS Dhoni real life story.
  3. MS Dhoni and sushanth went every corner and city in India for promotions till last day of movie release. 
  4. Check below reviews from audience in social media and also from other media channels.
  5. Movie got positive reviews all over, Watchable movie for dhoni lovers, News009 Rating - 3.25/5. 
  6. Indori NRI - "Film is bit lengthy nothing extraordinary, Only for cricket and dhoni lovers ".
  7. Gulfnews - "This may not be pandey's best bollywood innings but watchable". Rating - 3/5.
  8. KRK - First half is full of beautiful moments but really slow of #MSDhoni and it's because of unnecessary length only. Why Neeraj Pandey Ji why? Neeraj Pandey was hitting a six but out on boundary because of unnecessary length n too much cricket n less real life story of #MSDhoni I have heard about Hoors in Jannat but today I have seen a real Hoor on the earth and she is brilliant actress @Advani_Kiara of #MSDhoni
  9. Donald modi - Saw #DhoniUntoldStory n can say its best biopic made in Indian cinema ever @Advani_Kiara n @itsSSR nailed it.Full marks 2 #NeerajPandey For me d real hero of #MSDhoniTheUntoldStory is director #NeerajPandey he's such a class director we've today #DhoniUntoldStory @itsSSR as @msdhoni did full justice with the role. A clap n whistle worthy performance.Thank u dhoni 4inspiration #MSDhoniTheUntoldStory
  10. 123telugu - Realistic story of an Indian hero - Rating - 3.25/5. M S Dhoni is one name which will be remembered in India for the rest of our lives. His rise to fame and the actual struggles he faced to get where he is now is an inspiration in itself. So when you get to see such stories on screen and when actors like Sushanth Singh Rajput plays Dhoni in a splendid way, it gets even more interesting. If you ignore the lengthy run time and want to see the emotional side of Dhoni’s life this film is definitely worth a watch this weekend.
  11. Indiatoday - Making dhoni great again. Rating - 3/5. The film, however, is set to score more than a century at the box office. We want to see heroes on screen. We want to see victory on screen. And when it's got cricket and MS Dhoni as the subject, who cares about problems in a film. Watch it, get out.