India's Global Competitive Index Rises By 16 Places, From 71 In 2014 To 39 In 2016.

Newdelhi - India's Global Competitive Index Rises From 71 In 2014 To 39 In 2016. 

  1. India's ranking in global competitive index rises by 16 places in second consecutive year to 39 in 2016. 
  2. This highest change ever by any country.
  3. This is due to improvement in Infrastructure, Increased public investment and Fast approvals private resources.
  4. By decrease in commodity prices, There is check to inflation by keeping below 5%. 
  5. Also due to re-balancing of current account and decreasing public deficit.
  6. Financial market development also improved from 2014. 

Source - GOI, Worldeconomicforum.