4G Telecom Services May Earn Upto 80000 Crores In 4 Years - Assocham - KPMG.

Bangalore - 4G Telecom Services May Earn Upto 80000 Crores In 4 Years - Assocham - KPMG. 

  1. As we know that from last 2 years Airtel, Vodafone, Idea like operators in India got invested thousands of crores in 4G deployments and services. 
  2. Now on 5th September Ambani's JIO also launched  free services upto 31st December and later plans will start from 149 to 4999 Rupees with free roaming calls allover India to any network. 
  3. After JIO plans got revealed, Vodafone and Airtel also reduced their data plans by more than 50 %. 
  4. In recent times Assocham and KPMG did their study in 4G and its business capability in India and got known that by 2020 there will be 17% of users in 4G and all service providers may rake up to 80000 crores in less than 4 years. 
  5.  The study also revealed that this high speed data from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps in 4G usage also drastically increased due to major push coming from government like Digital India and Smart city programmes. 
  6. The paper said to power the next phase of growth and to ensure that the industry achieves its true potential, “it would be important for different sections of the industry to collaborate and work towards the common objectives”.   
  7. As a keen observer of the unfolding competition and the hype around the new entrant and impact on the incumbent players, ASSOCHAM Secretary General Mr D S Rawat said, the potential in the data market has not been utilized even to the extent of one-third of its size. “There would be room for most of the established and a new player. However, the consumers would have more choices at affordable pricing”. 
  8. According to the Paper, India is the second largest mobile market with over a billion subscribers at the end of February 2016 and 608 million urban subscribers and 444 million rural subscribers. “There is a huge potential to grow in the rural sector where tele-density is still quite low at around 50 as compared to urban tele-density of over 153”.

    Source - Assocham, Image - Indiantelecomnews.