Top 10 Features Of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Windows Will Reward You For Using Browser EDGE.

Bangalore - Top 10 Features Of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.  Windows 10 is very prestigious project for Windows as they are launching this OS with lots of changes and new developments. They gave till last month to register for its latest free windows 10 version and now they closed the registrations. They also developed web browser called EDGE along with this windows 10 and Company is claiming to get more power saving and fastness than the most usable browser Google chrome. Also company is rewarding some points for people who use they EDGE browser which can be redeemed in shops, Which is currently now in USA. Lets check features of Windows 10. 

  • We can use along with stylus or pen, With the feature Windows Ink.
  • Most secures windows ever. Anti malware windows service defender will provide real time scan while you are browsing and downloading, For businesses, They are providing Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. (WDATP).
  • The password protection is there with finger print scanning, Bio-metrics. 
  • Power browsing with power efficiency, It is EDGE which you will save 3 hours battery while you are watching your favorite movie.
  • Cortana is available as personal digital assistant available on lock screen, Will help in playing music, creating reminders and many more.
  • Playbox will be available to buy the games and play sametime on both PC and XBOX.
  • It is more expressive than ever with new advanced emoticons. 
  • It balances work and free time where you can skype both colleagues and friends same time by pinning window on desktop.  

Source - Windows.