Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Launched, The Smart Phone That Thinks Big. Check Features, Specifications and Price.

Bangalore - Galaxy note 7 launched today with stunning 5.7 Inch display and curved edges. It is claimed as water resistant. As previous versions, Note 7 also comes with Stylus pen but with extra features like writing like pen, To speak multi languages, It starts with 64GB and also expandable to 256GB. It is having 3500 Mah battery. Samsung also released new virtual reality headset for real 360 degrees viewing angle which makes you to view larger than life pictures and videos. Clock is always on display and also you can change the color and apps from lock-in screen. 
                    It comes with always HDR videos, which means high dynamic range ultra definition videos.  It comes with finger scanner for high security and specialty in this is, it comes with Iris scanner, Which you can unlock with your eyes as no two iris's are same even in same person. It is with, Find my phone feature which means you can find the phone also wipe out all the data. Features are below, 

  • 12MP enhanced camera with 4K definition. 
  • 64GB and expandable to 256GB.
  • 3500 Mah battery.
  • IP68 certified, Water, sand, air, dust resistant.
  • 4GB RAM
  • USB Type - C, Means Pin can be connected either way.
  • Accessories are, Standing cover, LED view cover.
  • Clear cover, Leather view cover,
  •  Keyboard cover,
  • 16X, 108 degrees wide lens.
Price - Around 50,000 to 55,000 Rupees. 

Source - Samsung, CNET, Androidauthority.