Rio, Brazil, 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Updates.

Rio - Below are the live updates for you from Rio 2016 Olympics. See and Enjoy. Olympics is set to happen from 5th August to 21st August. Watch Live at

  • Opening ceremony photo highlights.  

  • This is when former london mayer borris Johnson handed over the next Olympics responsibilities to Rio De Janerio counter part in 2012 london Olympics. 

  • There is an estimation of 3 Billion people who watch Live Olympics tonight through various channels and 60,000 will turn out at Olympic stadium for opening ceremony.
  • She is an exciting fan from LA, USA. She turned out here and watching her 6th Olympic games. 

  • He is jounalist from Delhi, India and he is covering his 8th Olympic games. He said "People are so nice in Rio! The transportation is good and the internet is really fast in the press area. This is one of the most important days for Brazil, everyone in the world will be watching it. So Brazil can tell the world 'we can do this!'"
  • It is very beautiful evening at Marcana, At Opening ceremony.

  • It will start in less than 2 hours, Here it is stadium you can see for last time like this and the storm will begin. 

  •  There will be around 35000 people who are involved in today opening ceremoney. here it is people they are dressing for event. 

  • Here it is all set to go, A top view of olympic stadium. 

  • This is video of making of opening ceremony stadium. 

  • In Australian Olympic history for first time, Delegation is sending more women than men to 2016 Olympics. There are 215 women and 206 men. 
  • Biggest and smallest delegations attending 2016 Olympics are 

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