Migrate From Oracle to SQL Server With Free License Says Microsoft.

Bangalore - Migrate From Oracle to SQL Server With Free License Says Microsoft. It is saying that few ways SQL server is better and everyone who are using Oracle should migrate to SQL server with free license support from Microsoft. You can also claim free offer at Microsoft. The Main features according to Microsoft are 

  • SQL server is leading the industry with major benefits of Price, Security and Performance.
  • Free license support from Microsoft.
  • Which free support can be given until 31st December. 
  • You get breakthrough memory performance in all types of workloads.
  • Major package includes, Mission critical high availability, Business intelligence and advanced analytic tools.
  • More Secure - Get all layers protection at rest and motion. National institute of standards and technology rated continuously 6 years for SQL as least vulnerable server.
  •  Highest performing - SQL is ranked first and Oracle in fifth at in standard benchmark results for data warehousing workloads.
  • End to end mobile BI on any device.
  • In database analytics at no cost.
  • Continuous experience from on premises to cloud. 
Source - Microsoft, Image - Toptechnews.