Happy Independence Day to Every Indian, Check Hindusthan Times News Paper In 1947.

Bangalore - Happy Independence Day to Every Indian, Check Hindustan Times News Paper In 1947. Independence day annually celebrated on 15th august on occasion of August 15th as we got freedom from British rule in 1947. On 15th August 1947, Our First prime minister jawaharlal nehru raised the Indian flag in Delhi red-fort above Lahore gate. From that year, Every prime minister will raise the flag and is giving national independence speech.
               It is public holiday every where in India and Only schools, colleges or work places will be opened for celebration of flag raising and sweets will be distributed to everyone. This day we should remember and should tell the greatness of great leaders in India who fought for freedom like Gandhi, Jawaharlal nehru, Subash chandra bose, Sardar vallabai patel and many more. Check below the Hindustan times news paper daily which celebrated broadly by praising our great leaders and our independence.