Happy Friendship Day To All, What Is It And Lets See What Others Are Tweeting About.

Hyderabad - Friendship day is celebration of friendship all together around the world. It is used to celebrated in south american states and Particularly in Paraguay, Where worlds first friendship day is celebrated.  Worlds first day was proposed at year 1958 July 30. Finally general assembly of united nations declared July 30 as international friendship day on 27 April 2011. Few countries like India are celebrating on first Sunday of August But in Ohio it is celebrated on 8th April every year. 
                    Actually it is originated by Joyce hall, Who founded hallmark card in 1930. It is on 2nd august the company people used to celebrate as sholiday. 
                     Friendship is very precious, It is bondage of two people. It is very hard to get true friend these days as all are became very busy in their business and selfish with own self's. Few people are there who are very genuine and one should not miss those friends in life anytime and anyway. There will be few people who become friends only when you are very useful and after that they will forget and neglect. Actually we should be very positive and careful that till how extent your friendship is there and there will be limits for everything. One should be kind and help others without any expectation and there where you get genuine long relation ship. 
                     After all one should celebrate these friendship day with either true friends or parents or family. Friendship can be between any age. If you are bonded with something or incidence or thing, Then you will be friends for ever with out any expectation and can help for lifelong. So celebrate this day without any over thoughts or egos or selfishness and enjoy the day with friends, family and relatives whom you love or like. Lets see what other celebrities are tweeting on this day.

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