Allu Sirish, Lavanya Tripati, New Movie Srirasthu Subhamasthu Review.

Hyderabad - Srirasthu subhmasthu movie is released today along with other telugu movie manmantha, Malyalam super star mohan lal acted in the movie. Lets see srirasthu subhamasthu review. From around the world review are coming like average flick. Few are telling like it is ok or average movie with slight message in second half. Allusirish and lavanya tripati played lead roles and parsuram director who directed hit movie like solo with nara rohit directed the movie. Lets see reviews from popular news channels. 

Press KS - 

Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review Rating (2.75/5) – Allu Sirish Failed Again.

Srirastu Subhamastu Rating : – 2.75 / 5
Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Positives
  • Entertainment
  • Music and BGM Second half
Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review Negatives
  • Routine story
  • Average first half Flat emotions with no depth
123telugu - 

Review : Srirastu Subhamastu – Decent Family outing

Srirastu Subhamstu will surely be the much needed hit that Allu Sirish is looking for in his career. If he chooses interesting scripts like these, he will go a long way in Tollywood. Good performances, entertaining comedy and moving family emotions through out the film are basic assets. If you go in with an open mind and ignore the predictability of the script, this film will not disappoint you at all. A simple and breezy watch.
Rating - 3.25/5
Greatandhra - 
'Srirastu Subhamastu' Review: Formula Romance!
  • Prakash Raj – Sirish Bommarillu scene
  • Rao Ramesh performance
  • Comedy in the second half
  • Climax episode
  • Routine story
  • Illogical scenes
  • Boring first half
  • Allu Sirish’s lack of acting skills
Rating - 2.75/5

Idlebrain - 

Aimed at familes. 

Rating  - 3/5

Analysis: First half of the film is decent though there is not much of a story in it. The second half theme of hero entering into about-to-be-married heroine in disguise is an age old formula in Indian films starting from DDLJ and is also came to extinction in Telugu films last year. However, a heart-touching and genuine climax will make the audience leave the theater with a positive feel. On a whole, Srirastu Subhamastu is a film aimed at traditional family movie lovers!
 Enjoymyinfo Rating - 2.75/5 - Go and watch the movie if you have time and money. 

Source - Idlebrainlive