Yesterday With Chennai and Now in Bangalore and Gurgaon, Water is Flowing on Roads When Rain Comes along With Toxic Polluted Foam.

Bangalore -  India is still developing from independence 1947 and still it is under development. Below is the video and photos which will be always shared from big cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata, When rain comes heavily. Government should develop some under ground water system for storage as well as drainage system to avoid water over flowing on roads and into houses. These are the photos shared from Bommanahalli area, Bangalore. Also toxic foam is formed from bellundur lake due to water pollution.

#CitizenStranded Bengaluru comes to a standstill. N Manjunath, BBMP Commissioner speaks to @TimesNow
— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) July 29, 2016
Source - Ani News, TimesNow.