Samsung and Rio Olympics 2016 Started to Use Virtual Reality Headsets for Complete Real 360 Degree Viewing at Opening, Closing Ceremonies and Other Events.

Rio Olympics - Now virtual reality headset technology is trending technology for entertainment. Google, Lenovo, Samsung, Coolpad and many global companies are investing in this headsets as this is giving theater max virtual real experience to the users. If you set your mobile to this headset this will give you theater 360 degrees viewing angles and Larger than life experience. Samsung is the Olympic partner and supporting for Olympics from many years. Now they are advertising and showcasing the Virtual reality technology along with Olympic committee at RIO Olympics 2016.
                          Along side with virtual reality headsets, They are also using virtual reality technology supported cameras, which are in round size and gives immense technology support for large 360 degrees viewing experience.  

                        Karen Mullins, Production Manager for the host operator OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services), says that after successfully testing 180-degree cameras at the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, true 360-degree VR tech will be deployed for the first time at Rio 2016
                           "VR is not about viewing in a traditional sense," says Mullins. "It's about an 'experience' and we always tend to describe it as that, rather than as coverage. In each venue, each sport, we try to take the viewer to a place that they couldn't buy a ticket for."

Source - Rio Olympics, Gettyimages, OBS.