Microsoft Estimates That Cloud Business in India Will Reach 1$ Billions by 2020.

Bangalore - Microsoft is big technology company which is founded in 1975. From that time it is growing fast and developed many software's like windows operating systems and many system tools and made operating between the companies very simple. After that from last few years cloud technology is booming around the world which is making the operations around the globe very simple and fast.
                   Microsoft released a story recently that it is having 52%  of Indian companies operations through its cloud technology which are listed in BSE. It also predicted that 500$ Million business in India will reach to 1$ Billion by 2020.  Also reported that fast growing sectors like Banking, Health care, E - Commerce and IT are growing very fast towards Cloud for there fast and simple operations around the world.     
                    Also Government of India having combined operations along with Microsoft for India transformation through Digital India and Smart city programs.

                                                                       Source - Microsoft.