How Stress Affects The Body and Things To Do and Avoid It/ Positve Thinking is solution to avoid Stress and Pressure.

Bangalore - Stress is common to everyone. Every human being work for life and in that process he or she will feel stress and go to depression if he or she dont have sufficient energy either it is mentally or physically. Every person will have his/ her own life with Parents, Friends, Relatives, Colleagues and due to some relation ships and work pressure, There is lot of chance one will feel stress and one dont know what they are doing and may get suicidal tendency.
                     Lets see what are the steps one should take to avoid Stress and Pressure or Suicidal Tendency.

  • Take proper full nutrition food to get complete energy without vitamin deficiency. 
  • In any situation one should think positively that everything is happening for there good.
  • Every one should have some physical fitness by doing Walking, Jogging, Gym or Playing your favorite game at least for 15 minutes everyday, Either morning or evening. 
  • Every time be open and communicate positively with your Friends, Parents and Colleagues. It is difficult to discuss everything but you can judge people after being with them for sometime. 
  • Other than work or daily routine business, Spend some time with your loved one like Parents, Friends, Colleagues or with your  Partner.    
  • One should feel that every human being is same on earth and every one should work for life and money. So be positive and carry on with rest of life with smile. 
  • Always do with your heart and follow what your heart says.