According to Doctors study, 8 Hours of Sleep is Compulsory for Good Mental and Physical Health.

Canada - According to Canadian doctors research, One should sleep at least 8 hours in a day for perfect mental and physical health. Also it improves our way of life by doing things perfectly with high Energy, Stamina, Concentration and Positive energy. Everyone from morning to evening work for their success in their life in terms of family or for their individual goals. Many wont care about there Health, Food, Things and Daily activities when they are busy with work. So one should keep their daily plans and follow strictly either in terms of work or food or exercises. 
                “We think of sleep as an altered state of consciousness. We shut down from the environment and part of that is just to block off endless stimulation that we get where the brain is sending messages to activation centers. Sleep is a process that shuts that off so we go to a quiet time,” Dr. Helen Driver, a sleep specialist at Kingston General Hospital.
               He also told that we will get these below 8 things, If we follow the rule of 8 hours sleep per day. 

  • It gives brain much deserved break. 
  • It helps with memory, alertness and concentration. 
  • It regulates your emotion. 
  • It repairs and balances your body function. 
  • It keeps your immune system in body ready all time.
  • It regulates your apetite.
  • It improves your sexual function.
  • It reduces any pain in your body.
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