Tasty Gobi Califlower Pakoda Preparation/ How to Prepare Gobi Califlower Pakoda/Pakodi

Requirements -
  • Gram flour - one cup 
  • Rice flour or corn flour - 3 spoons
  • Jeera powder - one spoon
  • chilli powder - one spoon
  • cooking oil   
  • Cali flower    
Preparation - 
  • Cut califlower into small pieces and boil  them for 5 minutes. Now drain the water and keep califlower aside separately. 
  • Take another bowl, Add gram flour ,jeera powder, salt, redchilli powder, corn flour and mix them with water. Similar to dosa batter. 
  • Now take frying pan and pour oil and heat it. 
  • Once oil is ready for deep frying, Keep in medium flame and dip each califlower piece in basin in gramglour batter and do deep oil fry till comes to light brown. Also we can garnish with onion slices and corriander and can serve with sauce.