2G, 3G Networks Drivetest Requirements using TEMS or Genex probe or Nemo|Network Testing Using Drivetest

Bangalore - To test a network performance in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, We use tools like genex probe, nemo and tems. This is done using above software's and license which will be provided by big companies like Huawei, ZTE and Ericsson's etc. To do this any company requires permission from TRAI which is managing board for telecom in India.

Tools which are connected to laptop with above software are -

  1.  Mobiles
  2. Data cable
  3. Car GPS
Method to do drive test -

  1. Connect mobiles and GPS to laptop.
  2. Open Genexprobe 
  3. Select new project and then gsm wcdma template
  4. Open test configure and click auto detect. Then you can see connected devices
  5. Next open map and then upload vector map on clicking open layer control panel. 
  6. next go to configuration on top and click engineering parameters and upload cell file having all cell details.
  7. Now you can check the signal parameters at serving and neighbours area. 
  8. Now go to test click on start test plan and record at particular selected folder. 
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Source - Credits - Huawei Technologies co ltd.