Tasty Snack or Curry with Sambar - Potato Capsicum Stuffing Recipe/Potato Capsicum Stuffing Recipe and Preparation.


  1. Medium size Capsicum-4 pieces
  2. Medium size Potatoes-3
  3. Chopped Onions-1 cup
  4. Coriander Leaves-1/2 cup
  5. Jeera-1 spoon
  6. Corn Flour-1 spoon
  7. Rice Flour-1/2 spoon
  8. Turmeric powder-1/2 spoon
  9. Chilli Powder-1/2 spoon
  10. Salt  -1 spoon
  11. Chopped chilli-1/2 cup
  12. Green Peas-1/2 cup

Method Of Preparation:

  1. Take a Bowl of water and boil Potatoes in it.
  2. Now smash the potatoes into tiny pieces or fine paste and fry it in pan adding some oil and then add turmeric powder,onions,coriander leaves,jeera,chilli,green peas and keep the paste aside.
  3.  Take another bowl to semi boil capsicum. Then remove the lid of the capsicum carefully with the help of knife or spoon.
  4. Remove if any seeds are present inside capsicum slowly with the help of knife or spoon making sure that capsicum is not broken.
  5. Then stuff the potatoes paste prepared into the capsicum. 
  6. Use another bowl to mix cornflour,chilli powder,rice flour with water to make it semi thick paste.
  7. Now dip the stuffed capsicum into the above step prepared cornflour paste and  oil fry capsicum in a pan with low flame.

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