Girls and Boys should be very careful in Friendship and Marriage.

Bangalore - I saw many people in my world who lost there lives in name of friendship, love and marriage. Any one either boy or girl should be very careful every time at any age group. If you talk with anyone also it should not be more personal. If you talk also it will be some limits and girls should be personal and close with girls and boys with boys. Every one should remember all boys and girls are not genuine and good. Some people may act basing on there problems and conditions at that particular time. So every one should be very careful and be in there limits at every time.
                    For every one, Only person who cares, Loves and do anything for you were only your parents. Friends will do good only till some extent that too some good people. So better to be with good friends and good people who are having good habits and good manners. If you find any one in the world is doing wrong or encouraging you to do bad. Its no doubt he or she were very bad person and he or she will suffer a lot in there life and spoil there beautiful life knowingly or unknowingly.
                     So everyone should share both good and bad with there parents. Don't feel that if i share with parents they or some relatives may think bad about you. As parents are well experienced they know what is good and bad. So if you like any one as your life partner don't hesitate and say everything to your parents but not after committing and not after being physically contact with him or her. So be careful and be in limits which in turn gives you Good, Peaceful and Beautiful life.

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